Monica Moncini admits that she has a soft spot for flowy, ruffled, preferably silk, dresses, which, together with her beloved bottle green colour, are at the forefront of the majority of her best creations. She spends a lot of time traveling the world to hunt for fabrics. Moncini believes that as important as the quality of the fabrics is the high quality of workmanship, a lesson she learned in Paris, where she spent many years exploring the fashion design industry. She has now returned to Lodz (Poland), her hometown, with the intention of establishing strategic collaboration with the local studios which ensure high-quality craftsmanship.

As she was preparing for the KTW fashion week last November, she came up with an innovative and a rather provocative fashion trend that combined ethereal, free-flowing garments with high-quality leather pieces. Leather vests, shorts, skinny trousers and eye-catching shimmering set of a belted peplum jacket along with a pencil skirt turned out to make up the biggest part of her collection. By doing that, Moncini focused the media attention on the unique and classy pairing. She decided to take a step further and created very impressive sets by combining the leather pieces and luxury fabrics like cashmere. Moncini’s last collection was completed with classic leather boots and wide belts, which were meant to counterweight the delicacy of the dresses.

Magazines such as "Vogue", "Elle", "Fashion Magazine" and "L`Officiel" have acknowledged the designer's style and the use of raw materials. Moncini’s clothes have also been appreciated by such popular bloggers as Kat.Astro and Vens Wife Style, whose outfit consisting of Moncini's leather paper-bag waist trousers was published in "Vogue Arabia". The designer's creations were also worn by Patricia Kazadi and Katarzyna Zdanowicz, and Julia Wieniawa posed in a set from Moncini’s studio on the cover of the "Viva" magazine.


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